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Our Demostration Sites

The MiniStor concept will be demonstrated and evaluated in an operational environment of real-life conditions in one pre-pilot and five demonstration sites, following appropriate deployment guidelines and legislations.


The demonstration sites are located in North-West Europe (Ireland), Western Europe (Spain), Southern Europe (Greece) and Central Europe (Hungary). These pilot sites represent residential usage having diverse climatic conditions, thermal load needs, energy realities, expectations and regulations.

Demostration Sites

Deployment in these demonstration sites will be thoroughly planned, their stakeholders will be trained to maximize use of the MiniStor system.

Acceptance tests of the system will be performed, allowing to validate the human-centric HEMS previous to installation.


Throughout the demonstration phase and in all locations, a series of performance key-performance indicators (KPIs) will be measured (e.g. energy efficiency, storage capacity, environmental conditions, etc.). The system will be monitored for at least two heating and two cooling seasons (winter and summer). Experience gained during the first year of operation will be used to gather feedback for fine-tuning system components.

The system will be evaluated for its impact on intended end-users. Lessons taken from the demonstration phase will be applied to create skilled workers and SMEs that can carry out actual installation and commissioning. Replicability of system installation across Europe will also be learned.

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