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Audiovisual materials

Here you will find a selection, not only of MiniStor audiovisual products but also, you will be able to explore other MiniStor related audiovisual materials to get a global perspective on why storage solutions for residential buildings are fundamental for Europe´s transition to a decarbonized energy sector.


This is the first MiniStor project video where you will find all the information related with the project´s objectives, consortium and rationale. Dive in and discover what is MiniStor and why is necessary in today´s Europe!

MiniStor IoT platform

The IoT platform of MiniStor allows efficient and intuitive monitoring and controlling of the system. Take a look at this excellent demo provided by CERTH/ITI !

MiniStor AR/VR application

Using AR/VR technologies, MiniStor has developed a mobile phone app to facilitate the installation of the different components of the system. This app provides instructions with 3D animations on an augmented or virtual reality environment in combination with other helpful materials for an easier and faster installation procedure.