Yearbook of Building Engineering

Yearbook of Building Engineering

MiniStor project has drawn the attention of the Hungarian Building Engineering Coordination Association, which included the project in their Yearbook of Building Services – 2020 (Épületgépészet Évkönyve 2020), published for the first time this year.


This first edition includes nine chapters that collect and analyze the building engineering situation in Hungary from different perspectives. Besides services and companies, the publication also addresses aspects such as training and recruitment, technological development and innovation, work done by professional public bodies and organizations and a list of significant building services systems.


The MiniStor’s integrated and multifunctional thermal and electric energy storage system features in the latter together with other relevant initiatives developed in the country; for example, the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium, the building engineering of the Károlyi-Csekonic Palace or a project to generate an economical and environmentally friendly water softening solution.


The purpose of the Yearbook of Building Services – 2020 is to show the performance of the domain in a concentrated way, updated annually. In addition to building engineering, the target audience is national governing bodies, related disciplines, and all organizations and individuals involved in the present and future of building engineering. Its authors and editors are recognized, prominent representatives of the field.


MiniStor is present in Hungary through our partner EMI Nonprofit Kft, Hungarian largest complex institute in the construction and building materials industry.