MiniStor reaches the Test Environment

MiniStor reaches the Test Environment

MiniStor reaches the Test Environment

MiniStor is headed to Budapest, with the 17 partners participating in a visit to ÉMI’s Test Environment. On top of working with the second unit commissioned so far, the consortium is to hold the third review of the project with European Commission personnel and external evaluators also in the Hungarian capital city. Even with the pre-demo already commissioned in Thesaloniki, this event between February 26 and 27 will be the first occasion for all the members to exchange insights beside a fully assembled prototype.


With over 60 years of experience and expertise in certification, research and development, ÉMI is ideally suited for the testing of the MiniStor system in a controlled environment. The company based in Hungary will be accompanied by SGS in order to carry out the Project Audit Programme, a key step before reaching out to end-users. Once the testing is completed, a process where some parts of the environment are simulated, this particular unit will be shipped over to the Hungarian demonstration site at Sopron for the final results.

The container with the second prototype arrived at the ÉMI Central Testing Laboratory in Szentendre on 29 January and will be tested by ÉMI’s engineering team for a full month after the installation, simulating winter and summer operating conditions. Among other things, they will study the heating and cooling performance of the system, the amount of energy used, the efficiency of the system and its resistance to internal pressure. Combined with the pre-demo at Thesaloniki, this information will facilitate the installation of the remaining sites in Kimmeria (Greece), Sopron (Hungary), Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Cork (Ireland).


It may not look like so, but the container in the pictures is expected to play a major role in increasing the efficiency of energy use in households. After four years of work, MiniStor has reached the pre-demonstration and the Test Environment milestones, positioning the minimal size thermal and electrical energy storage system closer to residential use.

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