MiniStor reinforces ties with the construction industry

MiniStor reinforces ties with the construction industry

Displaying at the biggest construction fair in Central Europe was yet another step for the consolidation of MiniStor among the industry. The local consortium partner ÉMI, which is also responsible for the quality testing for the prototype, showed the minimal size energy storage solution for five days straight, beginning on April 6th, at Construma.  


Following the ECTP conference last December at Madrid, the Budapest exhibition allowed MiniStor to keep the pace of physical events while assessing the nerve of the construction sector, with a concentrated market from building to home staging, from design to engineering. A well-recognised, long-time contributor of the energy efficiency building, ÉMI incorporated MiniStor to their successful record via presentations, round tables, Q&A and a permanent information point with vivid imagery.

While networking made up most of the time, the highlight of MiniStor’s presence at Construma was, undoubtedly, the live presentation. The novel technologies for sustainable cooling, heating and electricity storage for European buildings received positive feedback, proving it a mature and solid concept in a context of public concern for energy sortages and rising prices. The system developed for the MiniStor project is expected to endure for 20 years, with 44% energy savings that would return the installation investment in less than 7 years.


Construma was a stepping stone for ÉMI and its duties towards MiniStor. The non-profit institute is now preparing the test environment to welcome the prototype in its laboratories at Szentendre. Later on, functionality and quality acceptance test will prepare the terrain to the demonstration installations, testing the technical capabilities in distinct environments of Hungary, Ireland, Spain and Greece.


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