The Smart Readiness Indicator, key to energy storage adoption

The Smart Readiness Indicator, key to energy storage adoption

The majority of the existing European residential building stock was constructed before the European Union first established standards for energy performance, back in 2010. The revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) showed the large potential of automated, intelligent management solutions such as MiniStor’s. It also introduced the Smart Readiness Indicator, a common EU measurement system that will influence the market dynamics in the coming years. That is why the SmartBuilt4EU community, also participated by this project, is working actively in the implementation of the SRI through ongoing info sessions, like the one held on June 30 under the coordination of our partner R2M Solution, and others to come.


MiniStor was conceived with the SRI in mind. Combining a home energy management system (HEMS) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the minimal-size solution optimises the use and management of thermal energy by allowing it to be stored to level demand peaks, increasing the use of renewables and overall reliability at a lower cost. SmartBuilt4EU, on the other hand, is pushing the development of a new generation of instruments and tools for building performance, with novel concepts such as ‘co-benefict indicators’ and technology solution packages.

The shared interest in implementing the Smart Readiness Indicator throughout Europe is contributing to decarbonising the construction sector, offering comfortable, healthy and efficient homes. R2M, a member of the MiniStor consortium, was tasked by the European Commission with supporting the Member States in testing and implementing the SRI, starting in 2021. Accompanying existing and novel Energy Performance Certificates, the Smart Readiness Indicator is expected to greatly improve efficiency by measuring the overall performance, the adaptation to the needs of the occupant, and the response to signals from the energy grid.


The SRI provides a common language for residents, designers, solution providers and policy makers. MiniStor will continue to follow and support the SRI implementation in order to facilitate the installation of affordable energy storage solutions, a better experience for users, and the full integration within the renewable grid. It will do so by strengthening our ties to the SmartBuilt4EU network, as well as its leading participant, the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), and the whole SRI support team.


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