State-of-the-art energy storage for the D2EPC network

State-of-the-art energy storage for the D2EPC network

Novel technologies are rapidly transforming the notion of energy efficiency, and thus the expectations of both industry and residents. Aiming to offer a better understanding of the contemporary and future landscape in terms of technical capabilities, the D2EPC project organised the session ‘Building performance assessment towards next-generation EPC’, gathering ten exponents from multiple disciplines on June 8. MiniStor was highly praised for its minimal size thermal energy storage, a ground-breaking solution that made its way into D2EPC’s avant-garde network.  


It was the coordinator of MiniStor, Carlos Ochoa from the International Energy Research Centre, who was given the opportunity to share how the project is impacting energy performance standards. His presentation was accompanied by those of the representatives from the Politecnico di Torino, Cleopa GmbH, University of Cambridge, BPIE, Hypertech, Aalborg University, TU Dublin, Frederick University and DEMO Consultants BV. From human comfort to monetisation, they together demonstrated the need for new certifications and the importance of an initiative such as D2EPC.

MiniStor is evolving towards a mature phase, with the test environment welcoming the prototype, and the demonstration sites preparing their respective installations. In parallel, the project is reaching out to the European construction sector while getting involved in networks that will define the market dynamic in the years to come. Joining the D2EPC community is an step forward in terms of involvement and opens new ways of contributing to the energy transition.


Dynamic Digital Energy Performance Certificates is funded through Horizon 2020 and is also participated by two MiniStor beneficiaries, CERTH and SGS TECNOS, the former as project leader; their combined expertise is a guarantee for the development and adoption of smart building solutions. With its contribution to the D2EPC workshop, MiniStor also begins its collaboration with the European Sustainable Energy Week 2022, a path that is going to take it to Brussels next September for the main physical event.

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